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Cuadrante Gartner 2008 Soluciones BI

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Los invito a leer el reporte Gartner de BI para el mes de Feb. 2008, en:



De los puntos que puedo resaltar de QlikView, con respecto a sus competidores, son:

Se mantiene en el cuadrante de los visionarios, debido a su tecnologia novedosa (In Memory analysis)  y a pesar de ser una empresa “pequeña” comparado con sus competidores, es el unico que da garantía de devolución de dinero.

En el 2007 tuvo un crecimiento excelente, ampliando significativamente su base de clientes a más de 7.000 organizaciones en más de 80 países.

Los clientes que actualmente utilizan QlikView están felices y tiene la mayor proporción de cualquier proveedor de BI que no reportan problemas técnicos.




  • The perception of QlikTech as the "coolest" vendor in BI right now belies its efficiency as a business. It executed extremely well in 2007, growing faster than any other BI vendor and significantly expanding its customer base to over 7,000 organizations in more than 80 countries.
  • QlikView's use of an in-memory data model, automated data integration and a graphical analytical environment have attracted customers looking for both ease of use and highly scalable functionality.
  • Unusually for a relatively small firm, the evidence shows that QlikView is being considered a BI standard by midsize firms, which is a testament to the breadth of its capabilities.
  • The QlikTech customers Gartner contacted for this research are happy, with the highest proportion of any BI vendor reporting no technical problems.
  • QlikTech remains the only vendor in the Magic Quadrant to provide a money-back guarantee, which takes some of the risk out of the vendor selection process.


    • The QlikView 8 release improved ability to extend deployments to higher user populations and work within standards-driven corporate IT environments (including a Web services interface, support for third-party authentication, and login tools and performance gains). However, in most cases QlikView is deployed departmentally. QlikTech's challenge (and its stated aim) is to grow these deployments across the enterprise.
    • For QlikTech to become a Leader, it needs to show more examples of large enterprisewide BI deployments where customers use one single QlikView instance as the system of record for BI metadata for all BI applications, rather than a number of disconnected QlikView implementations.
    • QlikView is adding functional capabilities as part of a strategy to broaden the types of BI applications it can address (the ability to allow data-entry into memory to support what-if analysis, for example). However, QlikView does not yet offer a complete alternative to more established BI platforms. This puts QlikTech in the position of being an additional BI supplier to firms that may already feel they've too many. Given the compelling nature of QlikTech's technology, this isn't an insurmountable barrier, but it may hinder its growth in large firms that are looking to consolidate BI suppliers.


    De Business Objects se resalta  que cerca del 90% de los clientes contactados en la encuesta lo consideran un estándar de BI para sus empresas.

    • Business Objects has widespread adoption as a BI standard — around 90% of the customers Gartner contacted as part of this research considered Business Objects a BI standard in their organization.

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