jueves, septiembre 28, 2006


NoClone encuentra y remueve archivos duplicados tanto en su equipo como en la intranet.

Ahorra tiempo y dinero removiendo o archivando estos archivos duplicados, como Fotos, Musica, Documentos, Etc. Etc.

Comentario en Ingles del producto:

Find and Remove TRUE Duplicate files: You may not realize how many duplicate files you have after downloaded many files from the Internet or duplicate files scattered over your home or corporate network. Duplicate files are usually redundant and unnecessary, so keeping them is merely a waste of valuable hard disk space. Your hard drives may be full of documents, mp3, photos and video and many of them are redundant. NoClone finds and removes duplicate files regardless of file name. Time-saving Smart marker filters duplicates for removal or archival. ZDNet recommended her - Stop repeating yourself: Duplicate file finders. Customers include Boeing, California State Government, University of Memphis, WWF UK, and Disneyland Resort etc.


* True Byte-by-byte comparison , not by CRC / MD5, totally safe to delete files. Why the safest?
* Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name
* Search duplicate pictures (jpg, gif), video (avi, mpg), songs(mp3), DLLs, Office documents(xls, doc, ppt, pub), pdf and any file types
* Search files with same contents, same name, zero size and truncated files.
* Simple fuzzy match to uncover similar files
* Smart marker of duplicate files by date, version, size, folder and file name pattern
* Preview files, show file versions and properties
* Save search session / Export result list to CSV format
* Search local hard drives (Home ed.) and over network (Enterprise ed.)

Link: http://noclone.net/

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